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Dua which was said very often by the Prophet


It is said that the Messenger of Allah [] used to recite this dua very often. The dua is found in the Quran (2:21)

Rabbanaa atina fid-dunya hasanataow wa fil akhirati hasanataow wa qina adtha banaar

"Our Lord! give us good in this world and good in the Hereafter and defend us from the torment on the fire!"

From hadith, we learn how often the Prophet [] would use this particular dua. Just from looking at the translation of this dua, we can see this dua is to benefit us in order to give us good in this world and the hereafter and save us from the fire. Therefore we should take advantage from using it.


  • Naqi bin Makhlad [rah] narrates from Anas [] [gren]the above dua used to be in the beginning of Messenger's [] dua, the middle, and at the end[/green].
    [Reference Needed]
  • Abu Hasan bin Dahhak [rah] narrates that Anas [] used to say that even if Messenger [] used to make dua a hundred times he would begin with the above dua and end off with it as well, and if he used to make two dua then one of it used to be the above.
    [Ibid - Ibn Abi Shaiba]

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